make us whole.

m!a: bunbert for a week! (ends 4/25)


(part of the riotousbound au timeline!)

ohhhhhhhh wow i think i ran around too fast. i’m not super exhausted but i’m breathing really heavily and just sort-of sprawled on my couch and.


does anyone have like ten thousand dollars they don’t want

a shooting star is actually someone driving off rainbow road



Fancy meeting you here!

If i had said cowgirl then you could have said you are neither of those but alas i did not.

what if i was literally a cowgirl instead of a bunny boy.


«Wow. His voice was so much lighter than yours? You suddenly feel like you’re gravely and like your accent drowns out your words. You can’t help but smile at his little squeak though, especially when he bounds out to grab his voicebox.

While he’s grabbing that, you’re looking around the room. It’s not super neat, but honestly, your entire home is covered in dirty clothes, comic books and weeds. So many weeds..

He comes back in and speaks, energetic and fucking cute as hell. You’re honestly a little flustered because wow he out energizes you by a LOT.»

Oh golly, you sure seem excited! Righto - hello, john, its nice to s-see you! Its - wow. You look gosh darned cute. Gadzooks that is not a good thing to start this off with im sorry.

Honestly John was never usually this energetic. Ever. His fastest pace was typically a slow crawl, and after working a six hour shift at a slow bookstore he was exhausted as heck. But now? While he still couldn’t talk he had the energy of one of his bun-eared kin, and was definitely taking advantage of that.

Er, yeah. His place was a mess. But he was so absorbed in his new self that even seeing Jake couldn’t keep his mind from trying to do a million things at once. Sorry, Jake.

He smiled wider though, buck teeth showing in full, blue eyes practically fucking sparkling behind his glasses. “I’m definitely excited! To see you, among other things!” The compliment made him wave his hand at the other boy a bit, shaking his head with a scowl. “You’re totally fine! I mean, I have been saying that for practically the past hour. So I’ll let it slide this time.” He winked and giggled a little, moving to grab at Jake’s wrist to pull him towards the couch. Augh he was just too excited and not exhausted and happy to finally be seeing Jake. Goddangit.


*holds your hand* ha ha how’d that get there



Howdy cowboy. Hubba hubba.

fancy meeting you here.

…i was about to say i’m neither a cow nor a boy but then i remembered. i am at least one of those things.


Gimme ten meat lovers pizzas plz


Oh woah! Im sorry if i mess up this whole catching thing but i am one cockamamie goofoff so that doesnt help but! Uh!

*Clears my throat before smirking* Hello there you handsome fella.


why hello there jake.



i have been waiting for this to show up in my dash forever